Wednesday, 14 October 2015

cheerful rainbow pictures

cheerful rainbow pictures

Cheerful rainbow - one of the most exciting, interesting, colorful and exciting natural phenomena. Just remember childhood, how do we then rejoiced this miracle of nature, running in the rain, the puddles, shouting Rainbow! Rainbow !!!Of course, now we're all adults, and sometimes do not even notice this beauty around, all the affairs and concerns, our everyday life ... And maybe still makes sense sometimes to distract from thoughts grave for some time to forget all your questions and concerns and how a child just to look at beautiful pictures of rainbows and happy, to smile this is truly a miracle of nature, of great beauty.

Maybe after that, and questions will be easier to solve and problems will go into the background, because more often than we do ourselves invent, because adults, we all seriously, we are smart, know everything, everything we are able, we experience ... In fact, actually it is the exact same game as a child, only the rules a little bit more difficult and actions of the characters of the game a little more. And who continues to play a game called life - the living and enjoying life, her every day, and who had forgotten how to play and enjoy - in fact questions, problems, and other illnesses, useless nonsense. Oops, sorry back to the fun rainbow.Together, let us admire the beauty of nature that around that time, even in winter is a cheerful rainbow, in the photo she has, for some time back to childhood and digress from our daily hassles and worries. After all, life is beautiful and amazing, it even you will confirm any child.

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