Saturday, 31 October 2015

Stunning photos of European mountains and lakes

These amazing photos from the heart of Europe, reveals all the charm of virgin nature of the Italian lakes to the Swiss Alps. Andrea Visca deals landscapes of his homeland, Italy, for the first time and decided to explore the corners of Europe, to take a trip in an embrace with a camera. 

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Autumn nature pictures

Autumn nature pictures

That golden autumn has come to our shores, and invites us to admire the most wonderful autumn nature pictures, photos, video. Autumn landscapes are considered to be the most bright and colorful among any other time of year. Someone loves summer greens, someone attracted violent spring bloom, a lot of fans from the winter and the snow-white purity of decoration, but the fall of nature, or slightly less surprising and welcome.Autumn Nature is full of very bright, juicy colors and exciting soul, it is impossible to watch without the splendor of tenderness and admiration of the natural beauty. The most incredible combinations of colors amaze every person who loves nature and able to understand and appreciate it. Deciduous trees and shrubs are painted in bright colors farewell, shed their leaves in preparation for winter hibernation and only the majestic pine trees, lush, sumptuous spruce mighty cedars retain its original green color and do not give up winter frosts.