Monday, 7 September 2015

Unusual and wonderful buildings in the world

  Architectural thought sometimes so shocking that even stop to wonder anything in this world. Today we talk about the most wonderful and amazing buildings in the world. Some of them are so compelling that it's hard to look away.
     The first building is unusual in the United States, and specifically in the state of Ohio. The name of this creation - Home-shopping cart. The building is considered an administrative. It produces baskets and other woven products. Dealing with all this, the company Longaberger, and this building is their headquarters.Architects and builders created an exact copy produced by a wicker basket. Building area of ​​about 180 sq. M.m., and erected it for about two years. Value of all this fun is $ 30 million. Consider the rest of the unusual buildings of the world, he had them, and will continue it.
     Next building, which can really shock - Royal House with the violin, which was built in the city of Huainan, China. A great violin is the entrance to the building. It also has a large escalator to go up in the "piano". All building outside is made of black and clear glass. The building houses a museum.
     In Missouri (USA), also has its landmark building - the building of the library, the walls of which are decorated with roots of great books. In this way, the authorities support the interest of the citizens to the literature.
     Next, we go to Africa to Mali. The city has a unique Djenne mosque, which was built entirely out of clay.The power of this building is amazing. This mosque is listed in the World Heritage List of the United Nations.The building was constructed in 1907.
     In Poland, in the town of Sopot, located Crooked House, which though released from a fairy tale. The house resembles a house in a distorting mirror. The architect of this building Jacek Karnofsky. On the facade of the building is not a single straight line. In the structure of a sales center and a variety of cafes.
     Move to another city in Poland, in Szymbark. Here unusual buildings in the world is represented by a unique inverted home. It was built in 2007. The building stands on the roof, and the roof instead of his foundation. Entrance to the building is organized through a window in the attic. The author of the building does not want to disclose his name, and still remains unknown. Every day the house is visited by hundreds of tourists, but not many stand long is it since the beginning dizziness and nausea.
     Last house of which I would like to mention - the house of the French fashion designer Pierre Cardin. The house has a name - Vesicular home. All it is built like bubbles. Pierre Cardin developed the project together with the architect Antti Lovagom.

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